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Hey from the future!
I'm Suzanne Nguyen - a curious geek of the future, and I live and breathes Snapchat marketing each and every single day.

In the last 8 months, I've set up a sucessful Snapchat show, where I share the latest trends about social and tech in 10 second snaps.

The really cool thing is I was able to monetise this Snapchat channel within just 12 weeks of setting up!

Now, people that follow me on Snapchat, Twitter and my other social channels ask me daily, if I could teach them to do EXACTLY the same thing for them and THEIR businesses!

And you know what? With my course you're thinking of doing right now, you can have EVEYTHING I KNOW about Snapchat marketing - all condensed into a single course to get you started.

This isn't some generic Snapchat training course. No way!

I have created 90+ videos (don't worry, they're all super-easy and mostly bite-sized!) to help YOU understand and master Snapchat for your own business.

My aim? I want to take you from Snapchat zero to social marketing hero by the end of my course here :)

And also? Seriously - the course will always be updated too, with all the latest tips, tricks and info-nuggets that I have personally battle-tested to work.

Some Snapchat secrets you need to know...
OK, so you know how evvvveryone is on Facebook and it's crowded and (dare I say it?), not FUN anymore? Too many people saying too little a lot of the time. Am I right?

Snapchat is my main social platform, as it does 3 things that you need to know about it:

- it humanise your brand and/or business (and 100% of the viewers' screen is devoted to ONLY you! No distractions!)
- it's an amazing influencing platform
- as a business tool, it's not saturated meaning that you can be the first to leverage it for your own benefit

Why Snapchat?
Snapchat is growing so rapidly that if you want to be ahead of the content marketing curve, then this course is made for you. Period. At the time of this course going live, Facebook is even copying Snapchat - THAT'S how influential this social network is!

In my course, I help you understand why brands are using it and more importantly; How YOU can implement the same techniques or tactics yourself and successfully monetize Snapchat (something most social media managers and agencies still scratch their Facebook heads over! I should know as they hire me to help them with their Snapchat channel)

Snapchat has no popularity contest aspect either - unlike the other Big Social Channels, Snapchat audiences REALLY love the brand they choose to follow. 100% of the available screen space in the app is ENTIRELY devoted to you and your snaps (don't worry, I take you through all this - AND the content creation part too!). What this means, is that Snapchat is unique in it's appeal to a younger and affluent audience - one you want to tap into, for sure.

Ready to jump in?
Well, it starts with you clicking the REGISTER button, paying me cash money for my brainful of info, and then watching and IMPLEMENTING everything I forensically go through with you.

I can't WAIT to see you inside - we have a LOT to go through and even MORE fun as we do it together.

aka Suzanne Nguyen

Millennial Marketer And Snapchat Producer

Suzanne Nguyen

Suzanne Nguyen is a curious geek of the future, that loves to help brands and influencers leverage emerging technology, like Snapchat, and connect them with new audience and new ways of delivering content. Currently, she has a Snapchat Show that discusses the latest trends of Social and Tech. Click here to follow her Snap-Channel.Twitter: StringStory

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I wasn't much of a user of snapchat but got interested when String talked about it as a tv channel - so I enrolled in the Snapchat Marketing Accelerator cour...

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I wasn't much of a user of snapchat but got interested when String talked about it as a tv channel - so I enrolled in the Snapchat Marketing Accelerator course and now doing stories & developing content for my series on how tech is and can cause social change. The course was not hard to do (even for beginners) and practical - learn by doing- it provides great tips and ideas of how to develop your content for snapchat and sets challenges for you to test your skills. It's fun, informative and immersive and you get to be part of String's community who are using snapchat at different levels 🙌

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